Mid-summer and it has an old-fashioned feel to it. Heat, heat, heat. Although I don't remember it being that hot as a kid, probably because we lived near a lake and would spend pretty much dawn to dusk jumping in whenever it got too bad. There isn't a swimming lake nearby but there is the new Como pool, a jewel in the St. Paul Parks & Rec crown. I haven't been there myself, but have heard from parents and kids that it is wonderful and affordable. So, our kids have somewhere to go to beat the heat and that is important.

Spent part of the day trying to fill the remaining holes in our tenant line-up for the 3rd Place. It looks like we will be able to keep it going for this year and hopefully longer. There were several responses to my listserv plea last week and I think we are going to get just enough co-officers to make it work. Always room for more, so if you or anyone you know is interested, give me a call. Special thanks to our landlord, Steve Townley, for being flexible and supportive.

D12 - Starting to read more about sand-fracking, a term that wasn't even in most of our vocabularies before this year. There was an opinion piece in the Strib this morning from John Tevlin talking about the incredibly rapid devastation of properties on both sides of the Mississippi. He took a plane ride over the area with a local congressman and apparently the amount of sites where sand is being dug is alarming. Not much regulation to stop property owners from selling their land for 3 to 4 times the previous land value. Trucks projected to leave some sites once every 4 minutes trucking the sand to storage sites where the rail cars pick it up and take it to be processed and then used. Neighbor Mike O'Connor who spends part of his time on a farm south of Stockholm, WI gave a heads up for us up here which echoes Tevlin's conclusion: it's happening and happening fast and no one is looking into it too closely.

listserv - aside from Mike's warning, there was a notice that the reuse coordinator for the neighborhood clean-up coming on Sept. 22 is looking for a kids charity that would want to take part in the clean-up. Anyone interested should contact Jane McClure at mcclure50449@aol.com or 651-646-3473...interesting story of rescue from the Raptor Center. A vulture chick fell out of a nest on the cliffs of Lake Superior, was rescued by some kayakers who brought the tired, wet baby to the center, where it was nurtured back to life and placed with some captive foster parents who are experienced doing this. Happy ending...another animal rescue story happened when Suzanne Garfield managed to catch up with a dog who was towing a chair from Mim's behind it as it ran in the area of Como Avenue. Either that was a light chair or a strong dog....JOTP in SSA is forming their fall soccer teams. I was over there the other day and that program is booming. Hope the city can lock Ted & Co. into a longterm lease, we do not want to lose them and the terrific fun they are providing for so many kids from our neighborhood and the larger area.

StAPnotes - I got a chance to tour the Hi-Lake shopping center and environs with neighbor and local developer, Steve Wellington today. Very impressive, I hadn't been over there for a long while and the whole area is rehabbed. The shopping center is bustling with a lot of retail that is obviously very popular with the community. A great success story which, I think, demonstrates the kind of cooperation needed between the urban visionaries and the business people who know their properties and community's needs. We could use more of that cooperation on the central corridor so that the potential of light rail is fully realized.

That's all for now. Take care of yourself and be a good neighbor.