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What I Know 3-29-12

Posted by SAP Community Foundation on Friday, March 30, 2012,
This version of my blog is written from San Diego - actually have not been in the neighborhood since last week. So, I can't really give you an honest up close and personal account of the goings on in StAP but I can report on what I've read and heard, so while shortened and late, tI will at least give you a condensed listserv report.

There have been some interesting conversational threads going on lately. Double AA battery disposal for example. Can you throw them away in the trash? Are they rec...
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What I Know 3-21-12

Posted by SAP Community Foundation on Wednesday, March 21, 2012,
I'll start out with some interesting news about criminal activity that, coming on the heels of recent car break-ins, serves as another signal of the official early start of summer this year. Seems there was some counterfeit money being passed in the Bibelot a few days ago which might have gone unnoticed if not for Ned Wesenberg from Park 76 paying his usual hawk-like attention to the goings on in our north St.AP business district. He noticed someone in fatigues getting out of a van who looked...
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What I Know 3-14-12

Posted by SAP Community Foundation on Wednesday, March 14, 2012,
This will be another abbreviated blog as I'm out of town this week. I'll have a regular edition next week and then take the week off as I'm out of town for 9 days. I know you'll miss me and there will be stuff happening that won't be reported until later, but I promise if there's any headline breaking news, I will send it out no matter where I am.

For the time being, if you want to know the major things happening in the community, you can do what I do:
  1. either pick up the Bugle or visit them onl...

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What I Know 3-8-12

Posted by SAP Community Foundation on Thursday, March 8, 2012,

About Me

Jon Schumacher - Executive Director Hi, I'm Jon Schumacher, the Executive Director of the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation. The Foundation's role is to understand our community needs, bring people together to help find solutions and then support their implementation. I am the point person for that and the blog is my way of keeping my board and neighbors up-to-date on all that is happening around District 12.