The biggest news in our community over the past week has unfortunately been the saddest. A resident and neighbor, Chris Muesburger, was killed in a fire in his apartment home across from Avalon School on Glendale in the Creative Enterprise Zone south of University Avenue. Chris, who was 30, was the son of Jerry Muesburger and Dianne Revoir who own Bargain Upholstery near the corner of Raymond and Terminal. I know he has at least one sibling, Maya, because she was a pre-school pal of my daughter. Chris worked around our community including at Hampton Park Co-op and was described by his Dad as a wonderful young man who was loved and will be missed by many. Jerry and Dianne are also great people and our hearts go out to them and their family at such a terrible time. Keep them all in your thoughts.

Reports are that the smoke detectors were near the kitchen and apparently disconnected. The Fire Chief pointed out that smoke detectors should be near bedrooms, not the kitchen as cooking often sets them off so people disconnect them. Sadly, it sometimes takes stories like this to remind us to practice safer measures in our own lives, so take it to heart and make sure everyone you know understands the importance of well-placed, operating smoke detectors.


Como 2030 & Sem Housing
At the recent Land Use Committee meeting, Como 2030, our small area plan for Como Avenue was reviewed. Rodger Purdy, who was the plan co-chair walked the committee through the major points. There was some discussion about whether conditions had changed since 2008, especially around the call in Como 2030 for more housing options. Also at the meeting were Tanya Bell and Bill Frame from Luther Seminary who reported that there were no new developments to announce regarding new housing on their property. Committee members were interested in scheduling a meeting with the community when there was something to report so that will take place sometime in spring.

Accessory Dwelling
In other housing news, the Land Use Efficiency action group is hosting a Accessory Dwelling Design Forum Jan. 28 at 7pm at Luther Seminary's Northwestern Hall. Several local architects have volunteered to draw up designs for properties that have the appropriate size so neighbors can see what they might actually look like. Questions and comments welcome. While this approach will probably find limited appeal due to size and design constraints - and that's if the necessary zoning variation is approved by the city - it's could prove to be one more piece of the housing option puzzle.

Progressive Dinner
March 1 is fast approaching and the annual Progressive Dinner is taking registrations for neighbors who want to spend an evening dining with old and new friends. Visit the D12 website to find out how to register. You will not regret it and you will meet new friends.

CEZ Give & Take
The latest of these social get-togethers will be held at 2400 University Ave, the former site of the Gremlin Theater. There will be interactive presentations on collaborative filmmaking, photography and other media. It's free, it's fun and you'll get to know some of the cutting edge artists living in our neighborhood - like Steve Wewerka who has shot photographs for Life, Time and Sports Illustrated. Or John Whitehead, who received a Bush Fellowship for his filmmaking about nature, music and other subjects.


StAP Elementary

Classical Music
The National Guitar Quartet performed last week at the school and the appearance was featured on MPR.

Read-a-thon Nearing Finish Line
The students are wrapping up their annual Read-a-Thon. Their goal is to read for 275,000 minutes raising $12,500 dollars. In the past, Principal Johnson has worn a chicken suit and milked a goat to reward the accomplishment, no word yet on what she will do this year. Stay tuned.


Science Fair Open House Tonight
Murray's Science Fair entries are on display tonight from 6:30-8pm. The students do some very interesting projects, so go over to the school and take a look. As usual, a number of these projects will go on to the next level of competition. Murray is well-known for its strong science program.


Free Opera
The MN Opera company is coming to the school Tues, Feb. 11 from 2:30-3:30 pm to perform a condensed version of Mozart's "The Magic Flute." It's open to the public and free so if you'd like to attend, just contact Kevin Ward at


Hockey at TCF Stadium
If you haven't heard, the University is hosting the 2014 Hockey City Classic this weekend at a flooded TCF Stadium. You ought to go just to see it, it's pretty cool. The fun starts at 4:30 pm this Friday with the Gopher women taking on MN State. The men play Ohio State at 8pm under the lights. Saturday there will be high school games running from 10am - 10 pm.

That's all for now. Take care of yourself and be a good neighbor.