Enjoying the aftermath of the long weekend. Caught a very memorable PBS video of an elementary school class who deliver Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech every MLK Day in front of the Lincoln Memorial in DC. They each take a sentence and make the most of it with an inspirational mix of confidence, excitement, passion and hope.  When you hear those words coming out of the mouths of kids, you hear them with a new freshness and power. But also with the pain that comes from the realization that the unacceptable conditions and inequalities those words describe still exist. I sometimes forget that this past weekend is more than an extra day of relaxation. Watching the sweet strength of those children reminded me that there's a lot of work to be done to make make the dream a reality.

D12 - Every year the D12 Council nominate 3 neighbors to the city-wide Honor Roll for their contributions to our neighborhood. This year's nominees are Hans and Tom from Micawbers, Tim and Tom from Speedy and Michael Russelle, a member of the Neighbors For Peace and volunteer in many organizations in the community. Congratulations to all, we are lucky to have them in the Park...D12 is looking for new board members for both north and south. The experience is a rich one and very exciting, what with light rail bringing all sorts of interesting issues to the fore. Deadline for applications is March 12...there's a Midway Local Food Resource Hub Kick-off coming on Jan. 25 from 7-9pm at the Hamline-Midway Library. You can get access to low-cost seeds and tools as well as learn gardening tips from the experts...more on all of this at D12's website along with info about salt-use surveys, an alley FAQ hotline, year end crime statistics (61 fewer crimes from the year before) and info about the STAR grant loans program.

listserv - a broken water pipe drove water pressure down along Eustis all the way up to Lauderdale. Apparently it was fixed for most residents in a timely manner, but for a while there was a gushing falls coming down Eustis....the St.AP Co-op Preschool is accepting applications for fall 2012...this Friday at the UCC church, the Neighbors for Peace are hosting a free dinner and presentation about "Islam and our Muslim Neighbors." Dinner at 5:30p, guest speakers at 6:15...The Progressive Dinner is getting closer, Feb. 25. sapcc.org/progressivedinner2012.

StAPnotes - Things have been pretty quiet around the neighborhood for the past week. Maybe it's the holiday or maybe it's the shock of the first cold weather. One piece of news that I can report is that Jeff Huff is selling his little wine shoppe to new owners. The deal should be finalized pretty soon, if it hasn't been already. Jeff loved the shop and the neighborhood, but the long hours can really get in the way of the rest of your life and the grind finally got to him. He reports that the new owners are very nice and love the community and store. Jeff will stay around for a few weeks to help with the transition and then will get on with the search for the next job. He's been a great merchant and a great supporter of the neighborhood. and will be missed. Best of luck to him!

That's all for now. Take care of yourself and be a good neighbor.