Last week I mentioned my youngest, so today, I have to mention my oldest, especially since it's her birthday. I could wax philosophical about her too, and how her birth gave me, for the first time, one of my favorite titles, "Dad." She is all about community, by the way, serving in a community liaison capacity at a Minneapolis high school. I am tremendously impressed by our younger generations and their commitment to not just doing the right thing, but understanding why. Our generation owes them every bit of energy and support we have, as they will have to live in this world with all its challenges long after us boomers boom out.

Dec. 5, 6:30-8pm, StAP Elementary School - put it on your calendars!

That's the date & time of the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation's State of the Park event. We're bringing together a panel of experts to talk about the future of our neighborhood and it's major institutions. Will there be enough housing options for new families to come in and older folks to age in place? How will we get to light rail? What will our schools look like in the coming years? Our retail? Our non-profit organizations?

There is a lot of change in our immediate future and how we handle it will make a big difference on the viability of St. Anthony Park as a community. Join your neighbors in finding out about trends and discussing their impact. We'll also have an information fair for our local non-profits and community groups, so you can learn more about their good work. I hope to see you there!

Finally, my wife and I were fortunate to be a part of a lovely Music in the Park Series Concert last Sunday featuring the usual musical virtuosity that is always amazing to experience in the intimate surroundings of our local UCC Church. After, there was a private reception to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Series, with a nice round of toasts for Julie Himmelstrup, who has lead the program since its inception and still seems to have the energy to lead it another 35 years. With all the headlines about conflict between our musicians and their parent organizations, it's reassuring to see the success of the partnership between The Schubert Club and our MiP Series. Support our musicians! 


Give & Take in the CEZ
Tonight is another Give & Take in the Creative Enterprise Zone. It's a fun free mix of info and social, but it's all about getting to know your neighbors. 6:30 - 9pm at Tu Dance Studio behind the Subway on University Avenue near Vandalia.

Granny Flats & Alley Cats
A community meeting will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at Luther Sem's Northwestern Hall, 1501 Fulham, to talk about zoning ideas to help provide housing options in the Park. The St. Anthony Park Land Use Efficiency (LUE) action group will ask residents to decide whether the neighborhood is ready to welcome “granny flats” or “alley houses” (a.k.a. accessory dwelling units or ADUs) as a partial answer.


StAP Elementary - had a great turnout for their annual fall festival fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who made the event possible, they really boosted the donation total from last year which is critical as the money goes to support important programming and supplies. 

Murray - conferences are coming up Nov. 12 & 14. If you have any extra winter clothing items, drop them off at the school anytime. There are definitely students who can use them. That's true at all of our schools.

Como - The boys soccer team is one game away from being crowned State Champs. They defeated Sartell-St. Stephen on Monday and will play Hill Murray tomorrow in the MetroDome at noon. They are very talented, so if you have the time, check them out,


Medicare Scam
A neighbor recently got a call from someone asking for bank information to renew a medicare card. They hung up and called Medicare to confirm that it was indeed a scam. Never give out important information over the phone without checking with the alleged agency first.

Galapagos: Fragile Past, Brighter Future 
The Raptor Center is part of a U of M Headliners series on November 7, 7pm at the Continuing Education Conference Center on the St. Paul campus. Their director, Julie Ponder, will talk about her experiences monitoring the hawks of the Galapagos Islands and her part in an eradication program aimed at the invasive rat population on the islands. When is it justified to kill one species to save another?

The Learning Course at Rock Star Supply Co. 2388 University Ave.
Nov. 7, 5:30-7pm, Join Young Education Professionals-Twin Cities and Rock Star Supply Co. for a very special pre-screening of The Learning Course, a film about creativity in Education. Treats supplied, but bring your own beverage. Discussion following film. 

UCC/Hamline U Tutoring
Middle and High School youth can bring their friends on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. at St. Anthony Park United Methodist Church! Specially selected and trained Hamline students serve as mentors/tutors providing homework help, recreation, group games, arts and crafts, cooking, occasional field trips and campus visits. The program is free and open to anyone in grades 5-12.  Parental permission/registration is required.  For more information, check out their website:, or email Director Jane Krentz:

Free Item of the Week
Improvised iguana cage

That's all for now. Take care of yourself and be a good neighbor.