Let me start by apologizing for the delay, I got hit with a nasty virus yesterday that pretty much took me out of all activity. I'm still recovering, so this will be brief, but there are a couple of timely pieces of news to pass along.

First, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and if you've been to busy to make plans or purchase something special, you're in luck as our retail community has tons of options for gifts and dining. What about flowers you say? Well, Sarah Deming, who used to have a retail shop in Milton Square, is still in the neighborhood at 2190 Como in the 3rd Place/Townley building. She does mostly wholesale now, but will be there today and tomorrow for all you last minute shoppers. Just take the ramp to the left of the red awning and knock on the door. And don't forget Chocolat Celeste over on Cleveland north of University, our very own home made chocolatier - she's got some great treats to give to your loved one.. 

Second, it looks like Luther Seminary has found a buyer for the buildings along Eustis. There will be more news when it's finalized, but the Sem board has approved it, so  we should hear more specifics by July. Look in the next Bugle for more info.

Okay, that's all for now. Take care of yourself and be a good neighbor.