This will be another abbreviated blog as I'm out of town this week. I'll have a regular edition next week and then take the week off as I'm out of town for 9 days. I know you'll miss me and there will be stuff happening that won't be reported until later, but I promise if there's any headline breaking news, I will send it out no matter where I am.

For the time being, if you want to know the major things happening in the community, you can do what I do:
  1. either pick up the Bugle or visit them online at
  2. visit the D12 site at
That should give you the major "down low" information while I'm on hiatus. Here's what I know right now:
  • The Colossal Cafe is applying for a license to sell wine and beer. As has been mentioned before, John and Elizabeth Tinucci would like to extend their hours to 9pm five nights a week and offer table service for dinner and refreshing beverages. They would also like to put some tables on the street in warmer weather (how about now?)
  • I stopped in to meet Pam Johnson, one of the new owners and main operator of the little wine shoppe last week, but she had suffered a broken kneecap (ouch!) and was understandably not able to take her shift. Previous owner, Jeff Huff, will be around for the next few months helping with the transition, but by all means stop in and welcome Pam to the neighborhood, I believe she has returned to work by now.
  • Susan Henry, our branch librarian has posted their new schedule, visit to find out what's up there.
  • The Raptor Center is taking registrations for a raptor care & management workshop. Visit their website for more info at
And that's the short and sweet update. I'll be back with more next Wednesday.

Take care of yourself and be a good neighbor.