This version of my blog is written from San Diego - actually have not been in the neighborhood since last week. So, I can't really give you an honest up close and personal account of the goings on in StAP but I can report on what I've read and heard, so while shortened and late, tI will at least give you a condensed listserv report.

There have been some interesting conversational threads going on lately. Double AA battery disposal for example. Can you throw them away in the trash? Are they recyclable? Will anyone recycle them locally? When did they stop containing mercury? Short version: they can be thrown away just like like AAA, C, and D sizes. If they are pre-1994 or before (and if you've got some of those that are still working, please tell me 'cause those must be some batteries) you should dispose of them at a recycling center as they might contain mercury. apparently, the gym on the St. Paul campus has a recycling box...speaking of the U, the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Center is offering a "Classes Without Quizzes" event for all ages this Saturday from 8-12:30 at McNeal Hall. For info, here's the link...Street sweeping is starting next Monday, for more info click here...and the compost site has reopened...neighbors have been noticing a strong chemical smell lately, Bob Straughn suggests it might be a chemical plant on East Hennepin and a westerly wind...police were reported searching near Raymond and Gordon with flashlights a last night, no word on why...neighbor Chris Kalla has given a fairly in depth rendering of some of St. Paul's parking laws and they are detailed to say the least, even something written in about who gets a parallel parking spot if there's a dispute: the person legally waiting in front of it...JOTP is signing people up for their spring sessions, check it out.

That's all for now, I will return for a full blog next Wednesday, until then, that's all for now. Take good care of yourself and be a good neighbor.