Well, finally we are having lovely weather...for September, but who's complaining? It means that tomorrow, Thursday, July 17, our July Park B4 Dark will begin with sunny conditions and temps in the mid 70's. Here's what I would recommend. Start the afternoon at 4:30 by tasting some lovely wines at the little wine shoppe and purchase your favorites, Pam or Tim will hold them for you while you check out the other "Ladies Night Out" offerings around Milton Square, like Bungalow Pottery's open wheel, Micawber's 15% off sale or Satori Photography's "Hilarious & Riveting" Photo Booth with complimentary downloads and deals on pre-booked sessions.

Then venture up the street to say hi to Suzanne at Emil Gustafson Jewelers (first 10 shoppers get a free pair of Concept earrings,)  stock up on the Bibelot's sidewalk sale, and check out Peapods always interesting merchandise (buy $25 or more and get a free canvas bag.) Now you might feel like resting your feet and listening to some music on the Finnish Bistro patio. Order a refreshing beverage and snack while our talented neighbors play some rootsy americana for you.

Okay, it's getting close to dinner time and you have some great options. Stay right where you are, order an entree and get $2 beer and wine. Or walk across the street to the Muffuletta and get a juicy hot dog with fixin's & fries. Or walk up the block to listen to more music at Speedy while you enjoy their grill masters' fare of brats & burgers (don't forget the hand-dipped ice cream, ooooh.) If sandwiches & craft beer are your thing, walk over to the Colossal and enjoy their delicious menu. Or...eat everywhere - while holding to a healthy observance of moderation in all things. 

It's all going on until 8pm (wine-tasting over at 7:30) and you can certainly linger at any of our celebrated food/bev spots. It's gonna be a beautiful night, so why not spend it in our beautiful Historic St. Anthony Park business district? Bring some friends and enjoy the weather - finally. See you there. 

There's another Community Sing coming up next Monday at Luther Sem's Olson Campus Center on Fulham. Social time starts at 6:30, singing at 7pm. Per usual, Ann Reed and Dan Chouinard lead the fun.

Free Exercise Classes are still being held every weekday sponsored by St. Anthony Park Area Seniors but open to all ages and abilities. Contact Katharine Tondra for more info.

There was an interesting article in the Strib about our "Minnesota Nice" reputation. The nice part seems to be a bit limited for some new neighbors who were quoted in the article. Nice but not inviting...for years in some cases. I haven't heard that being a problem in our neighborhood, but it bears considering. Is there a new neighbor on your block? How about an old neighbor you don't know? Block parties help, but I'd hate to think there is someone who has moved into our neighborhood who feels isolated because we are respecting their "personal space." Get to know your neighbors, invite them over for drinks or dinner, introduce them to your friends, and check in on those who don't get out as much anymore.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but hey, it's summer! Take care of yourself and be more than nice, be a good neighbor.