This will be a shorter blog than usual. Mid-summer is not exactly a bustling time for behind the scenes events, there are too many people away on vacation to put together the momentum for anything large. That said, there are still many folks working on the groundwork for upcoming action in the fall, after the state fair and after the kids are back in school. And, there are still many events and activities that happen in August. 

First and foremost, the Bugle’s August edition has hit the streets and homes. It is always chock full of great and informative articles. There’s a great front pager on a Como High student and teacher who won a life-changing trip to the Aspen Ideas Festival recently. They returned with the idea to create a “local celebration of thought.” I’m sure we will be hearing more about that in the upcoming months. There is also much more info on some of the items mentioned below, as well as a very moving commentary about race by writer, teacher and author, Kao Kalia Yang, a former Murray student. And a lovely piece by former Bugle editor and writer, Dave Healy, excerpted from his book, Baseball Dreams. Pick up your copy and read it cover to cover, you will be a better person. 

Second, and also important, The St. Anthony Park Branch Library will reopen Aug. 5 and will host a reopening celebration Aug. 14. It will feature a model city made from LEGO with more than 40 square feet of swamps, forests, parks and business areas. The celebration will also include Star Wars costumed characters. Young readers will receive free books, prizes, cookies and lemonade. May the force be back with us. 


A group of neighborhood volunteers and district council staff have been meeting for several months to plan a city-wide pedestrian safety campaign. Lauren Erickson-Fulner, our community organizer, would love to have “at least a few individuals from St. Anthony Park” involved in this effort to be sure that the campaign spreads into our neighborhood. There are different levels of possible participation.  For more info, here’s an email address

The Raymond Friendly Streets initiative will be addressing reconstruction and placemaking along Raymond Avenue from Hampden to Como Avenue through two block parties, the first of which is planned for Friday, August 23, 3:30-7:30pm on Manvel St. from Raymond to Bayless. Join the fun to give feedback on what you hope to see for the street design of this important section of Raymond.

The first phase of construction on Raymond Avenue from University Ave to Hampden will begin in mid August, and the design has been approved by City Council and thus is locked in.  D12 has as many construction details as they can on their website.  If you have specific questions about your property during construction or construction timeline, please contact Barb Mundahl at the City (651-266-6112). 

The Central Corridor Business Resources Collaborative wants to hear from district councils and neighborhoods in the Central Corridor about your ideas for job growth and the opportunities, your concerns about the impacts, and the community benefits you'd like to realize. Join the conversation and mobile workshop. Monday, August 5, 4:00 - 7:30 pm Wilder Center, 451 Lexington Parkway N. 


St.AP Elementary School 4th grade teacher Ms. Pratt is in Greece (the country) on a grant to look at Alexander the Great’s imprint on Greece and his connection to mythology. She then will connect that with the school’s literature circles for the upcoming year. You can check out her blog


This Sunday, Aug. 4, an opening celebration and bike ride will take place. All are welcome to attend the celebration and ride. Neighbor Mark Thieroff posted that info along with this handy map. (Takes a bit to load.)In case you haven't been over that way recently, the City of Minneapolis has completed work on the extension of the transit way bike path through Dinkytown to Bridge No. 9. This means there is now an off road bike trail from the neighborhood to the Grand Rounds trail system on the Minneapolis side of the river. Yay! 

Summer is the peak season for bike thefts. There was a note on listserv from a neighbor in Merriam Park to consider locking your bikes inside your garage - makes good sense, especially if you have a valuable bike. They have steel plates with one way screws that anchor cables to the wall and then they lock the wheel and frame to that cable. The increase in garage burglaries throughout western St Paul has prompted the St Paul Police Department to begin notifying residents of unsecured garage doors and garage number code violations that they discover during routine patrols. A notice will be left on the property with recommendations for securing the garage and reminding residents that City Code Sec 71.01 requires that house numbers be displayed on garages. 

St. Paul Community Garden Day Bike Tour Ride begins at 9am, Saturday August 10, at the St. Anthony Park Community
Garden (2217 Robbins St.), and will end at the same location. Please bring water and any snacks you need. The ride will last until approximately noon, with four stops along the way and time at each to enjoy the garden's events, for a total of 13 miles. Average speed is 10 MPH with no rider left behind. Each rider will need to sign a waiver and will receive a brief ride and safety training at the beginning of the ride. Leaders are Mary Miller and Peter Alwin with the Twin Cities Bicycling Club. Please RSVP or send questions to Lauren.

St.APnotes & Calendar 

Tomorrow is the annual Sunrise Banks Customer Appreciation Day from 11-2pm at the Como Avenue location. Great food and great social time. Come on down and say you’re welcome. You could also show Rick, Terri and the Sunrise crew some appreciation for all their good work in our community. 

Mimi Jennings is putting out a great newsletter chronicling all the Energy Resilience Group activities and what’s happening in energy news in the greater community. Check it out here

Charlie Avoles, neighbor and owner of St. Paul Pipeworks, provided a good tip: if you are experiencing a drop in water pressure, you can call St Paul Area Water to check if they have a water main break nearby or if there is an area problem. They answer phones 24/7. 

Don’t forget Muffuletta’s Pig Roast on the Patio from 6:30-9:30pm on Tues. Aug 6. Call for reservations, there should still be some available. Mmmmm, oink. 

National Night Out is also on Tues Aug 6. Enjoy your block and neighborhood. If you have a party, don’t forget to clean up and recycle. There was an interesting article in the Atlantic Cities newsletter about how clean streets improve people’s perception of the relative safety of a neighborhood. 

That’s all for now, take care of yourself and be a good neighbor.