Wow, what a warm 4th of July. That was the hottest one I can remember, certainly since I've been in the Twin Cities and that's 35 years. It's official, a quick google check informs me that there was one other 100 degree 4th in 1949 - before I was born. In spite of that record-setting heat, it was a great day. It's possible the numbers were down from past years, but some of that might have to do with folks taking a 10-day vacation on either side of the big day. There were still plenty of people in the parade, on the street and at Langford for the picnic. Some of them made it into Dave Hansen's community picture after the program, but I'm afraid the heat made large numbers of photogenic neighbors stay in the shade.

We had our usual dose of elementary school wisdom from our thoughtful Robert Hahnen Patriotic Essay Award winners, a great showing of elected officials and a worthy Spirit of the Park award winner, Bruce Perrizo. Bruce was honored for his role in sustaining Langford Park and the 4th of July celebration, so it was very fitting to give him this award on the 4th in Langford Park. He's a great guy and deserves our appreciation for all he's done for our community. Special thanks to Julie Glowka, Cindy Thrasher and all the volunteers who help to make this wonderful event happen. Thanks also to the merchants who generously donated money and prizes, the Community Band, the Booster Club, Rec Director Will Xiong and his crew, John Magnuson for heading up the morning race (Women's winner was Emma Lee and Men's Tim Kersey, complete results go to this website)...who am I forgetting? Michael Keyes, Nick Jordan and Co. for the lovely music in late afternoon. Unfortunately, there was just a handful of people left to hear at that point as the heat gradually drove people toward water or AC. This was a day when many probably wished Langford Park was still a lake. 

One final note, the heat no doubt played a role in the decreased donations, so if you haven't had the chance to give yet, they are running behind and would appreciate anything you can spare. Send it to the Foundation at Box 8038, 55018. Thanks.

D12 - Summer has slowed things down a bit around the community, but Amy Sparks and I did have the opportunity to talk to a visiting government official from London, England this week. He was here to find out how to deal with decreasing money from the government. We told him we were trying to figure that out on this side of the pond as well, but all agreed that the tradition of giving in the U.S. is second to none. This community is particularly dedicated to providing the necessary funding to help our institutions remain viable and they would not survive without that generosity...July 9 is the deadline for feedback on the Central Corridor Transit Plan. Visit this website for more info.

Schools - I mentioned the Elementary School Essay winners who read on the 4th, here are their names: Anna Clements, Christian Berger and Gabriel Reynolds. Thanks for making us proud! Como, Murray and StAP elementary all donated school merchandise for the door prizes at the 4th and the school board urged support for the referendum this fall dedicating additional tax revenues to help fund our public schools.

listserv - Whether to allow members to advertise items for sale has turned out to be by far the longest conversation on our local bulletin board. Many people weighed in on whether that would be a good idea or not, with the final decision being made by the moderator, Sherm Eagles, to allow it for the summer to see if it worked out. Time will tell...a reminder from someone near Langford to water the new trees in this Acura Integra was stolen from a driveway near Brueggers on Raymond Ave last night. It's a 2000 model, dark green with a W sticker on the bumper. Any info call police...

StAPnotes - There was an erroneous rumor floating around that Murray Field would be locked to all but scheduled groups. Wrong. The city wants to keep people off the playing fields while they try to repair them, but aside from that, the field is open for business as usual. Ask before you assume...

That's all for now. Take care of yourself and be a good neighbor.