Foundation 2016 Grants Total $43,000

There were many smiling faces at the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation's Spring Reveal on May 19, and at least 24 of them belonged to the representatives from the 24 causes supported by the Foundation's 2016 grant awards.

There were the usual strong contributions to our local schools supporting a variety of programs and initiatives like music, art, environmental education, as well first time grants for language, special education and school community-building efforts.

Other first time grantees included a locally grown organization, Chalkboard Commons, that is planning an event series to showcase the rich diversity of knowledge in the Park and match learning providers with interested audiences. Shakespeare also got his due with a grant to support a summer workshop and performance, and Known By Heart received support to create writing workshops for older adults in our area.

According to Grants Committee chair, Bruce Weber, there was a good mix of awards. "We received requests for around $80,000, with a lot of first timers." He said, adding, "We wanted to make sure we took care of critical ongoing asks but with an eye toward helping new organizations get off the ground."

Executive Director, Jon Schumacher pointed out that the number of applications coming from the Creative Enterprise Zone continues to grow as that community begins to come together. "The Board has made a conscious effort to include all of District 12 to build our larger community. Holding our inaugural Spring Reveal at Lake Monster Brewery was an acknowledgement of the exciting developments happening in the CEZ."

This was also the 3rd year of grants for Transition Town, the organization that won the Foundation's 15th Anniversary Grant Challenge. TT has used the $15,000 in total grant money to hold community meetings, create and maintain a website, put out a regular newsletter, and build consensus around St. Anthony Park's future sustainability.

Our 2016 Grant awardees:

Avalon School - Arts

Chalkboard Commons

Como High - Big Brothers/Sisters

Como High Choir

Como High – English Language Learners

Como High - Band

Como High – Special Education



Known By Heart – Senior writing workshops

Mid-Continent Oceanic Institute

Murray Middle School - Community Meal

Murray Middle School - Band

Murray Middle School - Pilot Tutoring

Murray Middle School - Wolfridge

Park Press

St. Anthony Park Area Seniors

St. Anthony Park Elementary School - Arts

St. Anthony Park Elementary School - Environmental Education

Schubert Club/Music in the Park Series

Shakespeare in StAP

Transition Town – Final grant of 3 Year award

 4th in the Park - Annual donation in honor of our Spirit of the Park Award winner. This year's winners were the Founders of The St. Anthony Park Block Nurse Program