The Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation manages the following funds for the St. Anthony Park and District 12 community:

Endowed Funds

  • The Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation General Endowment Fund
  • The St. Anthony Park Elementary School Environmental Education Fund
  • The Gerald R. McKay Family Music Fund
Designated Funds

  • The St. Anthony Park Elementary School Fund
  • The Murray Jr. High School Fund
  • The Ann Bugler Environmental Education Fund for Murray Jr. High School
Reasons to Give

Contributions to the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation support the non-profit institutions that make our neighborhood strong. One of the principal advantages of making a donation to a community foundation is the flexibility offered in the type of gift that may be made and the types of funds to which donations may be made.

Types of Gifts

The Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation receives financial support from individuals, businesses and foundations. Gifts to the Foundation may take many forms:

  • Cash - All cash gifts quality for maximum tax-deductibility for income tax purposes.
  • Appreciated Assets - Stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares.
  • Life Insurance - A donor may name the Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • Real Property
  • Personal Property
Types of Funds

The Foundation works in close partnership with its donors to ensure appropriate gift designations and disbursements. Donors may currently choose to designate their gift among one or more of the following:

  • Undesignated: Undesignated funds support the broad charitable purposes of the Foundation and may be used for any purpose deemed appropriate by the board of directors. Unrestricted funds permit the Foundation to respond to changing conditions in the community and direct funds where they are most needed.
  • Special Interest: Donors may specify that their gift be used for grant making in one of more of the Foundation's priority areas - Education, Arts and Humanities, Children and the Elderly, Preservation and Development of Physical Assets. Grants made in these areas are awarded annually through a competitive process.
  • Designated: A donor may wish to designate a specific non-profit organization as the beneficiary of his or her gift. The Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation assumes oversight responsibility for ensuring that the funds are distributed as the donor intends.
  • Donor Advised*: A donor may want to establish a fund in his or her name (or remain anonymous) and have the ability to make specific recommendations to the Foundation regarding how the fund will be used.
     *  Minimum donation of $10,000

Ways to Donate:

1. Online via efficiently processes online donations for many Minnesota charities.

2. Send a check to: Saint Anthony Park Foundation, PO Box 8038, Saint Paul, MN 55108

3. Call the Executive Director at 651-641-1455 to discuss giving financial assets and property.

4. Write to us. 

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