Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation seeks new executive director


Twenty years ago, leaders in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood recognized that the sustainability of many unique community assets required long-term strategies and support. In response, they established the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation to help secure a strong and vibrant neighborhood for future generations. By raising an endowment (currently at $1M), the Foundation has been able to award grants (currently about $40,000 each year) to valuable organizations and initiatives within the greater District 12 community. The Foundation also has employed a part-time director who manages fundraising and grant-making and serves as a community connector and convener.

Now, as the Foundation’s inaugural executive director retires, the Foundation board has recognized several important neighborhood realities:

  • Changing demographics: more renters, many residents new to the neighborhood (60% of residents have moved in in the last five years), changes in age makeup (more boomers and more young people), and increasing racial and cultural diversity.
  • Struggling organizations: Some organizations may not be able to continue without more funds or new financial models.
  • Engagement challenges: Many organizations struggle to garner enough volunteers to run organizations or provide services.

 The Foundation board sees the changes above as an opportunity to bring community leaders and organizations together to rethink how we can all help to fulfill the mission of growing a vibrant community for current and future neighbors. We seek a new executive director who can develop a process for coordination among community leaders and organizations, while managing the ongoing work of the Foundation including fundraising and grantmaking.

About the Foundation

The St. Anthony Park Community Foundation was established in 1999 to nurture the unique community assets of St. Anthony Park to secure a strong and vibrant neighborhood for future generations. At its twenty year mark the SAPCF has an approximately $1M endowment and grants about $40,000 a year to community organizations. The Foundation employs a part-time executive director to manage the work and leadership of the Foundation in the community.

The SAPCF has four primary roles in the community:

  • Convener, catalyst, and collaborator within the community;
  • Builder and caretaker of community resources;
  • Grantmaker; and
  • Service provider to donors.

New executive director

We seek an executive director whose duties will include:

  • leading a process of coordination among community leaders and organizations to rethink how we can all help secure a strong and vibrant neighborhood for current and future generations;
  • increasing the impact and influence of the Foundation throughout the area it serves;
  • providing leadership for the Foundation’s relationships with donors, professional advisors, affiliate organizations, community leaders and key nonprofit agencies in the area;
  • directing fundraising goals and tactics to increase the Foundation’s philanthropic assets by linking people with the charitable needs and programs that matter most to them, as well as with key community priorities;
  • providing leadership and support to the board of directors and committees;
  • administering the implementation of board policies and plans toward accomplishment of Foundation goals; and
  • guiding overall operations and growth of the organization.

 Our ideal candidate will be a person who:

  • Can establish relationships quickly and easily;
  • Is a self-starter comfortable with change and a tolerance for ambiguity;
  • Is a strategic and systems thinker;
  • Has nonprofit and board experience;
  • Has facilitation experience;
  • Is social media literate; and
  • Is inter-culturally competent.

 Compensation is $30-$35k per year, roughly half-time, both to be negotiated depending on experience. This is a non-benefits eligible position.

 To apply send a resume and letter of introduction to or to SAP Community Foundation Executive Director Search P.O. Box 8038, St. Paul, MN 55108.

Timeline: open until filled.