Grantee Feedback

"The 4th of July Parade & Picnic Committee thanks you for your fiscal sponsorship and support of the only 4th of July parade in St. Paul! We look forward to your help in keeping this neighborhood institution alive and flourishing."

4th of July Parade & Picnic Committee

“Support from the Foundation has been critical to the development of our Family Concerts series as well as for continuing musical educational activities in the neighborhood schools. Thanks very much for your generosity and for all you do for the community.”

Schubert Club/Music in the Park Series

“The impact of your grant funds has been tremendous. Your support for our neighborhood plan, Small Area Plan and neighborhood communications programs has helped increase participation by all stakeholders and allowed this community to be in the forefront of long-range planning.”

St. Anthony Park District 12 Community Council

“Your grants have enabled St. Anthony Park Elementary School to expand our arts programs to include artistic residencies in puppetry, poetry, and writing. We feel strongly that this support has been a key factor in our school’s continuing viability and all-around excellence.”

St. Anthony Park Elementary School Association

“Murray Middle School thanks you for your support of our environmental science programming and Pilot Tutoring. We would not be able to support our students without your generosity.”

Murray Middle School

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